Family Office

The value we offer

Your life, family and finances are all connected. We are here to assist you in your financial matters and ensure the protection of your hard earned or inherited assets. We advise families and family enterprises on asset management and estate matters, working closely with your accountants and lawyers to craft a comprehensive solution.

Schwaben Capital provides tailored advice and services derived from a profound understanding of your family, its strengths, challenges and goals.

Where can we help?

  • Inter-generational wealth transitions through smart strategic planning and proper application of life insurance
  • Decisions related to the separation of assets among heirs
  • Decisions related to the transfer of a family business from generation to generation
  • Reduction of long-term tax liabilities

This calls for heightened interpersonal intelligence and a deepened understanding of how family dynamics can influence an enterprise. Simply put, we bring clarity and order to the full spectrum of your family’s financial affairs.

Financial and Estate Planning, Executorship, and Insurance

The value we offer

We ensure that you minimize the depletion of your assets through taxes after you have passed on. The greatest tax liability that individuals face is often at the end of their life when the assets are left to the next generation. Prudent tax and estate planning in conjunction with a well laid out life insurance plan helps you to mitigate and avoid the largest tax bite.

Mindful of your current and future financial needs, as well as your desire to establish a financial legacy, we work to help you navigate the complexities of wealth transfer and integrate your vision into your estate plan.

Our holistic view emphasizes proper estate planning and our network of some of Canada’s top lawyers, accountants, and other related professionals, ensures our clients receive only the best of advice with their continuity needs.

Where can we help?

We can help you with Life, Accident, Health and Disability insurance plans. The Insurance needs of our clients are handled through Schwaben Financial Counsel Inc, which is licensed as a life, health, and disability insurance agency with the Financial Services Regulatory Authority in Ontario (FSRA).

Investment and Wealth Management

The value we offer

Sound planning and advice go way beyond simple asset allocation.

As investment managers, it’s our role to balance investments and behavioral biases. We build your portfolio with the highest quality selection of securities to focus on long term wealth creation.

Schwaben’s rigorous research process is bottom-up and fundamental in nature, emphasizing long-term company theses however we also consider long term macro events or short-term catalysts.

Investments are selected and allocated on the basis of your risk tolerance, tax situation, return objectives, time horizon, liquidity needs, preferred level of participation, and other unique circumstances.

We continually track the progress of your portfolio and adapt accordingly as your life and business objectives evolve.

Where can we help?

Our services are tailored for high-net-worth individuals and families, corporations, trusts, foundations, and endowments. We recognize that your capital must be carefully managed, sustained and grown over the long term.

We provide tax-efficient preservation and growth of your investment assets, employing proven strategies, rigorous due diligence, and tactical and strategic asset allocation.

Corporate Finance Advisory

The value we offer

We provide business and financial advisory services tailored to our clients’ needs. Our team has experience in divestitures, mergers and acquisitions, equity financing and debt financing. We offer objective advice, informed expertise and original, value-added ideas. We provide proven advice and execution on complex transactions leveraging our network to ensure our clients meet their objectives regardless of industry or geography.

Some clients are interested in direct investment opportunities in the private market while others seek advice on financing, divestments, acquisitions, or general business matters.

Where can we help?

We are dedicated to providing clients with the full range of services needed to help preserve and grow their businesses. Our extensive network gives us the ability to source, navigate due diligence, and structure unique investments to this end.

Whether you are a private company looking to sell, make an acquisition or raise capital; or an institutional investor needing proprietary knowledge or access, our team has significant experience across our corporate finance service offerings:

  • Merger, acquisition and divestiture services
  • Capital advisory services
  • Special situation services
  • Fairness opinions and board advisory services

We also recognize the importance of handling your most sensitive assignments with absolute discretion to ensure your competitive and tactical advantage. You are safe leaving any complications to our team.