Our Difference

Understanding the Responsibility of Wealth

Canada’s high-net-worth market is on the threshold of a paramount intergenerational wealth transfer and the demand for thorough services is higher than ever. Nevertheless, the options available on the market are a blend of services and products forged with a one-size-fits-all mentality and methodology. The lack of a deeper understanding of the uniqueness of each situation and the absence of an individualized solution leaves these individuals and families underserviced and dissatisfied.

Schwaben Capital takes pride in providing a comprehensive and all-around solution to tackle your specific and intricate needs while keeping an eye on your evolving requirements and expectations. Our offering presents holistic and integrative services that act as an anchor for the protection and growth of your wealth as well as the preservation of your legacy for future generations.

We focus on providing a top-notch service derived from a profound understanding of your personal financial affairs in order to create a tailored solution that not only meets your present goals but the needs of future generations as well. Our integrated wealth planning and management approach encompasses all aspects of your extended interests, including family continuity, investment management, risk management, and family administration. We align our interests with those of our clients in order to build lasting relationships characterized by trust, integrity and respect.

Schwaben Capital offers a broad spectrum of advice and services that include:

  • Family wealth management

  • Financial and estate planning

  • Alternative asset management

  • Corporate and mortgage finance

Closer Personalization for Every Client

Our legacy is shaped by the business owners, entrepreneurs and families that have helped our communities thrive. We strive to become partners with our clients through their journeys and act in their best interest while providing knowledge and expertise to identify gaps and opportunities that can bring clarity and efficiency to their financial affairs.

The personal information collected during our Discovery Meetings and our Know Your Client (KYC) information gathering process allows us to develop a closely tailored Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for our clients. Any information you share with us is kept completely confidential and handled with the utmost discretion.

Consider the Investment Policy Statement document as your personal investment road map. It combines your goals and financial situation with key investment principles and themes in order to maximize the success rate of the strategies we formulate for you.