The Schwaben Approach

We take tremendous pride in our brand as we provide a refreshingly compelling and valuable offering in a crowded marketplace. Our investor-focused approach, backed by research and analysis that leverages the firm’s intellectual capacity, is setting new benchmarks in client service.

Our approach delivers comprehensive wealth and investment management solutions to high-net-worth individuals and families through a full suite of services tailored to the needs of clients in each of its markets.

Even though we are fundamentals-based investors and perform qualitative and quantitative research, we also consider economic and geopolitical factors during our investment and strategy decision making process. Our management style dictates that we provide an optimal investment strategy to ensure long-term wealth creation.

Our holistic approach along with our deep and solid relationships with our clients allows us to monitor, evaluate and adjust the execution of our clients’ strategies in a quite swift and agile manner.

Schwaben: Reflecting the spirit of hard work, skill and innovation

Our firm’s founders are Schwaben. The Schwaben people are characterized as frugal, clever, entrepreneurial and hard working.

Schwaben (Swabians in English) are from a region in south-west Germany that stretches from the eastern part of Baden-Württemberg to the west of Bavaria. Due to scarce natural resources and lack of access to the sea, Schwaben harnessed their creative drive to build a number of successful industries.

Today, the Stuttgart city region is famed as one of the strongest business locations in Europe. A pioneer in high-tech and research, the region has set international standards in the automotive and engineering sectors.

Famous Schwaben

Albert Einstein
Gottlieb Daimler
Karl Benz

Robert Bosch
Karl Lämmle
Rudolph Diesel